Fertility Over 40

You are Very Welcome To Fertility Over 40 and Beyond

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Because more and more women over 40 and over 50 are seeking to have a baby, I decided to dedicate a special page to you. When my own mother had me at 31 she was considered to be on the mature side to be starting a family. Fast forward three decades and I remembering thinking that my friends who were having babies in their early thirties were very young. I was right! Women have new choices and many of us find that we are only really ready to consider having a baby at 40, 45 or much later. So what’s the big deal? Well, getting pregnant over 40 is just not the same as wanting to get pregnant when you are much younger when everybody (including you) expects all to be well. When conception does not occur quickly many women over 40 find that worry begins to creep in and if you have had miscarriage or other loss then concerns can actually overtake the excitement of planning for a baby and creating one. Sources of additional stress for women over 40 who want a baby include:

• Statistics regarding conceiving successfully • Statistics around bringing a baby to term • Statistics around your baby’s health • Your Own Health (perhaps) • Others’ opinions of you wanting a baby • Pressure from others • Your own self doubt • Guilt around not trying sooner and many other issues • Fear around time running out • Health of your eggs • Your womb • Your cycle • Your history • Your Diagnosis • Whether to consider assisted reproductive therapies (IVF, IUI etc.) • How you should be supporting your fertility (nutrition, exercise etc.) • What fertility intervention might be right for you • When to start fertility therapy • Living the often grueling experience of assisted fertility therapies interventions • Finances. • Your relationship or lack of one. • And on and on and on

Women over 40 have advantages as well when it comes to having a baby:

  • You have lived a lot of life, tasted many different experiences and have a lot of wisdom and understanding about how life works and what is really important for you and for a baby
  • You are often in a place emotionally where you can really embrace the idea of becoming a mother and what that involves
  • By now you have probably let go a lot of emotional baggage, expectations and rules about life so that you can enjoy motherhood much more
  • You understand the power of your thoughts and your emotions in creating your own reality
  • If you are reading this page, you probably have insight into or are interested in exploring how you can support your fertility with the law of attraction

So what does the Law of Attraction say about Fertility Over 40 or 50? The Law of Attraction is very clear. The bottom line is that regardless of statistics, your history, your diagnosis or what others’ believe is possible or appropriate …. You are a powerful creator and with the Law of Attraction you absolutely CAN get pregnant and have your healthy baby. I hope you heard that clearly. With this powerful Universal law you absolutely can have a baby. However, it is not as simple as just saying ‘I want a baby’ and then one appears. I learned that. Even though I was working with the Law of Attraction and positive thinking I had 3 miscarriages. But on that journey I began to understand how I was attracting failure and disappointment in my fertility. It became clear to me how seemingly irrelevant beliefs, thoughts and feelings I had were actually preventing me from bringing my baby to term. So I created the Pregnancy Success Process ™ with which I could actually change my vibration to that the Law of Attraction could bring me my healthy babies. You can read more about that at www.getpregnantandstaypregnant.com Now I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls. It is my intention here to apply what I have learned from my own fertility challenges and through my work with clients to supporting women over 40 who want to have a baby. It is my intention to connect you with your innate creative power and wisdom and so you can enjoy fertility and pregnancy success and joy in motherhood regardless of your age or history. You can attract your baby and if that is what you really want I will help you. You are never alone. 

In Joy,